Meet our Year 5 performers!

Combined with our partnership with Sakuranatsu Japanese art festival and anime convention we have some exciting performances planned for the Main Stage that you won’t want to miss! See the schedule and events link for day and performance times.

  • The Last Council Saber Academy: Jedi and Sith saber’s clash in a performance where the fate of the galaxy hangs in the balance!

  • Noise Complaint: Our favorite Cosplay tap dancers are back with new material for both days!

  • Geekapella: Check out the videos for this Nerdy A Capella group and you will be just as excited as we are about this new addition for year 5!

  • CosPoi: You say you are looking for an Anime, acrobatics, and dance Vocaloid group? Well, you are. Don’t miss them!

  • Shoreline Dreamers: You need to see this Full LoveLive Dance Group!

  • Shironuri x Trapanese: Trapanese music while teaching people how to dress in Shironuri-type clothing. It ends with a performance

  • NWGLS Podcast: Lake City’s own nerd podcast!

  • The Last Council Saber Academy: Our mission is to educate and instruct open-minded, enthusiastic, dedicated and hardworking students in the way of saber combat & discipline.