Thank you for being a part of year 5!

Please fill out the form below so that our volunteers can put packets together before your arrival and have the correct contact information during the event. If you are still waiting on members, that’s no problem, we just ask that you try to have us a close number by April 8th, 2018. If you have last minute additions we can accommodate them. The more the merrier! Our hope is to make the check in process for you and your group a smooth and trouble free experience.

See you in April!

We will only use this number to contact, mostly via text, for setup and day of the show. Our panel/events stage coordinators will also text this number as a reminder for performers or panelists of an upcoming event or to update you on schedule changes that might occur.
We appreciate you being a part of making year 5 amazing and are glad to offer as many passes to you, as a panelist, or to your group, as needed. We do ask that this is only for you as a panelist and 1 person to help with your table or members of your group. Please do not add passes for family and friends coming to see you. For any questions or special cases, please email David at [email protected]