Panel List

Infinity Con 2015 Panel List

11:00 am: STAR TREK: Old School vs. Abrams

It’s Shatner vs. Pine, Nimoy vs. Quinto, in a mission to boldly go where no Infinity Con

panel has gone before. Join members of the USS Haven STAR TREK Club and Mark WHO

42 for an in depth TREK Universe discussion.

12:00 pm: Writers Block!

Have you ever wanted to write a book, short story, comic, or screen play but have no

idea where to start? Or maybe you have questions on what to do with your work once its

written? If so, you can join published authors Glenda C. Finklestein and Jeff Harmon for

answers to these questions, encouragement, hard truths and tricks of the trade!

1:00 pm: L.A.R.P. ATTACK!

Do you enjoy getting lost in fantasy books or sucked into the story of a video game? What

if you could bring those fantasies into real world scenarios? That’s what the L.A.R.P. (Live

Action Role Play) group, Dystopia Rising, will explain to you. After the discussion they

will relocate to Area C Larping Arena for a live action demonstration!

2:00 pm: FX Face Off

It’s not the Travolta movie or the TV show, this is a special FX battle for the ages! Join

veteran FX artists Nick Wolfe and Jeh Howell as they battle time to transform 2 lucky

attendees into FX works of art!

3:00 pm: Doctor WHO with YOU

Attention time lords and ladies! Pack your sonic screwdrivers and ready your companion,

as the Mark WHO 42 podcasters and local Doctor who fan club members transcend time

and space for a panel on everything Doctor WHO!

4:00 pm: Walker Talk

Michael Koske, Gregory French, Chris Harrelson, and Stephen Vining will reminisce

about the brain eating, world terrorizing plague of being the living dead on AMC’s The

Walking Dead! Hear behind the scene stories, what they think about the makeup, and

filming season 6! Beat the herd and grab a seat for this not-to-be-missed panel!

5:00 pm: All Ages Costume Contest!

Are you ready to strut your costume making skills on the Infinity Con cat walk? Join our

lively cosplay judges for the final panel of the day! Three categories of costumed attendees

– youth, novice, and professional – will show off their costumes. It’s an exciting end to the

day! (See the ticket counter to sign up.)

Sign up for gaming tournaments in the Gaming Area in Hall B. Game demos

and tournaments will take place throughout the day.

All panels take place in

the Panel Room in Hall B.