IC Tally ( ICLC-Ven/Artists Discount)

Infinity Con Tallahassee is June 29th and we would like to offer Infinity Con year 6 vendors a discount for a limited time!

You will have 2 weeks (Till midnight on March 20th) to fill this out and book the space for $100 for Vendor Spaces (All corners-max of 2 spaces) and $50 for Artists (Max of 1 space). off of the IC Tally Rate. After this time, the rates will be $150 for Vendors and $75 for artists.

***Please note that basic wifi will be provided by the venue at no extra charge, but power will be an extra charge, starting at the advance price of $60 for 0-20 AMP. Please check the box below if you need this and we will connect you with the venue for more info and payment***

As you would like it to read when we list vendors and artists
This is the information you want us to pass onto our attendees before and during the show and for us to find out more about what you sell. If none available please type N/A
Power is not included in your fee. This is an additional charge, starting at $60 for 0-20 amp power. Check YES if you need power and we will get you the information to contact the venue to setup and pay for this option. Power added to late, or at the venue, is nearly double the cost. So don't wait if you need it.
Artist Alley have a limit of 1 space and Vendor spaces have a limit of 2 spaces at this rate
EX: Comics, Mystery Boxes, Pops, Tees, Stickers, Art Prints, Video Games, Etc.
Infinity Con/Lunar 11 Entertainment LLC.**
Infinity Con Tallahassee vendor/artist agreement
Please carefully read the booth information and Terms and Conditions.
***Basic wifi will be provided by the venue at no extra charge, but power will be an extra charge, starting at the advance price of $60 for 0-20 AMP***

Have questions? Contact us at [email protected]

Terms and Conditions
Infinity Con is an all ages, family friendly event. We take these terms and conditions seriously and they will be strictly enforced by our staff and security.
If you do not abide by these terms and conditions, Infinity Con/Lunar 11 Entertainment LLC. reserves the right to remove you from Infinity Con Tallahassee without a refund. Have questions? Contact us at [email protected]
Vendors/Exhibitors must keep noise levels from sound systems to a minimum. Infinity Con reserves the right to determine at what point the noise level constitutes interference with others and must be discontinued.
No booth space may block or interfere with other booths, aisle space, or exits and must remain contained to your provided booth space.
Any damage(s) caused to the building or its furnishings by the vendors/exhibitor are the sole responsibility of the Vendor/Exhibitor. If the Vendor/Exhibitor causes damage and does not settle with the venue, Infinity Con will ban the Vendor/Exhibitor from future events. Please take care of the facility.
Vendor/Exhibitor agrees to remain set up during all Infinity Con Tallahassee hours. No early breakdown of exhibits are permitted without the prior consent of the show promoters. (We want every attendee to have the same full experience)
Vendor/Exhibitor agrees not to sell any adult material or adult themed items to minors. This includes but is not limited to, the sale of weapons.
All adult materials or adult themed items must be either behind the table or if displayed on a table or display rack, bagged and covered so that minors may not open it and any Adult content covered. Infinity Con reserves the right to decide what qualifies as adult material. This includes, but is not limited to: Manga's and Comics with Nudity, Gore, sexually explicit content, Adult magazines, ETC. Please keep it classy and kid friendly with the displays.
Whips, Leather bondage apparel, and all other S&M related items are prohibited. If these are the items you sell please do not apply. This Con is not the right fit for you.
Any adult material containing nudity must be covered with accordance of local and state laws.
Vendor/Exhibitor agrees that all merchandise for sale is legal and licensed.

**All vendors and artists are responsible for their own vendor insurance and applicable taxes of items sold at Infinity Con Tallahassee. Infinity Con/Lunar 11 Entertainment LLC. is not responsible for any theft or damages. Completion of this application is consent to this and acknowledging that you have read and understand the terms below.
Infinity Con Tallahassee - June 29th, 2019/Setup will take place Fri June 28th and early morning Sat. June 29th. Specific times and setup info will be emailed before event.
(At this time Infinity Con is not accepting applications from bands or musical artists for vendor or artist alley spaces. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.)
Please read the description of booth options:
If you are a resale vendor selling, clothing, games, comics, collectibles, etc. in the comic book, scifi, fantasy, horror, steampunk, anime, genre please choose the Vendor Booth option. (Limit of 4 spaces per vendor/All corner spaces)
If you are an artist, cosplayer, or author, please choose Artist Alley space. (Limit of one space per)
If you are a resale vendor, artist, cosplayer, or author (As stated above) you can choose the Outdoor Market Vendor option. These discounted spaces are rain or shine.
Space is Limited and booth spaces will fill quickly- Infinity Con/Lunar 11 Entertainment LLC. reserves the right to refuse any vendor or artists application. Please contact us if you have any questions before purchasing your space.
We are looking for vendors and artists who sell, trade, or create art in comics, video media, gaming (table top, console, etc), anime, or scifi/fantasy. If you are not certain your art or business falls under this criteria, Email: [email protected] or add more info to your application. Infinity Con reserves the right to refuse any vendors who are not the appropriate fit for Infinity Con.
Please be advised - A $25 cancellation fee, per booth space, will be taken off any cancellation refund and no refunds will be given after June 15th, 2019.
Vendor booth is a corner 10X10 area and includes 2 chairs-1 8ft table-2 vendor passes
Artist Alley space includes 2 chairs-1 8ft table-2 vendor passes space for a banner behind (Must supply your own banner stand for banners)

**Lunar 11 Entertainment LLC. is the newly created parent company of our DBA Infinity Con. Same friendly neighborhood owners with a newly set up business heading!
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IC6 Artist special rate IC-Tally-(Limit of 1 space) $75.00 $50.00

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IC6 Vendor special rate IC-Tally-(Limit of 2 spaces) $150.00 $100.00

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