ICQuests Terms, Conditions, and Liability Waiver

Terms and Conditions

Infinity Con and Lunar 11 Entertainment LLC. are excited to bring you this fun way to interact with our events, sponsors, special guests, vendors, and artists, and have a chance at winning prizes through the raffle. But as with anything, we need to lay a few ground rules for a fun and safe game, as well as a few conditions of the game.

Infinity Con-Quests is open to anyone in the contiguous united states. (All the adjoining 48 United States.) No purchase is necessary to play or win. In some circumstances purchases on InfinityConFL.com (Such as event tickets/t-shirts/Etc.) will have an added bonus of Con-Quest Coins for a set amount of time with purchase, but is not necessary to play or win prizes with Infinity Con-Quests. Infinity Con and Lunar 11 Entertainment LLC. reserve the right to cancel, edit, or change the game at any time. Con-Quest Coins have no monetary value and are only able to be used in the confines of Infinity Con-Quests for the purchase of raffle prize tickets. (And bragging rights, of course!)

Monthly drawings will begin in December 2018 and continue through March 2019. Prizes will be announced the 1st of each month and are subject to change without notice. Infinity Con and Lunar 11 Entertainment reserve the right to add or take away the amount of prizes in a month. Some months will only have one prize. Each prize will have one winner. Winner’s are chosen at random by the Woocommerce Lottery plugin on InfinityConfl.com and  No sponsor, Infinity Con/Lunar 11 Entertainment staff/owners, members of the Night’s Watch, or Tribbles have any influence on the pick of winners. (Ok, on second thought…if you see Tribbles..be suspicious) You will find the winners at the bottom of that months lottery prize page. Winners will be contacted by email and have 14 days to respond and claim the prize. If no response is received after 14 days, another winner for that prize will be chosen. Winners can contact through email reply, website, or social media.

Liability Waiver

By signing up for Infinity Con-Quests, you are releasing Infinity Con, Lunar 11 Entertainment LLC., and all sponsors and partners, from any liability for both location based and online quests. This includes, but is not limited to, computer viruses from online searches, accidents while traveling to or from a Con-Quest location, or any circumstances resulting in harm or discomfort to you or your devices. You agree to refrain from using your digital device to search Con-Quests or InfinityConFL.Com (or anything for that matter…) while behind the wheel of a moving vehicle. You take full responsibility for any circumstances that occur while playing Infinity Con-Quests.