Come get some practice in for the Sheriff Regional Tournament on the 25th!

Time: Registration 11am, start at Noon. Should be all done by 3PM

Entry: $5

Prizes: Fabulous swag from the newest Organized Play kit, including a Fourth Ring playmat, alternate art promos and exclusive deck tins!
That’s the Doomtown Tournament
Two Magic events. 1) A Modern Masters Draft. 8 total spaces. Entry fee of whatever you figure we need to cover ourselves. Fires when we have the 8 people. 2) Origins launch events. We have a bunch of Magic Origins. We are going to draft it a bunch. The dream is to have 50+ people all show up at the same time. We can also just fire them off one after the other and use this as a way to majorly shore up the 30 odd events we need to report to level up.