Infinity Con Year 5 Fundstravaganza!

We are going into Year 5, guns-a-blazin, and want to give you the opportunity to support and be a part of making it the best year yet!

The last 4 years have been an amazing and wild ride with you!

We love the Community growing around Infinity Con and this is your chance to support what we're doing, get some amazing deals on tickets, deals only available here, and help Year 5 be the best yet! Some of these deals will be limited quantity and only available here and the ticket pricing will never be lower! Think of it as early, early bird ticket pricing. (And maybe a little help for some last minute Christmas gift're welcome!) 

Lets clarify one HUUUGE elephant in the room...

Infinity Con Year 5 is a go for April 14-15 2018 whether we meet our goal or not. This is not the deciding factor for whether Infinity Con Year 5 happens. It's happening! We have spent the past year working to make it great and hope you are as excited about it as we are! So rest assured that this will only be an addition to the amazing things we are cooking up.

Goal and Stretch Goals

You may or may not know but a lot of costs go into Infinity Con each year. (venue, guests travel/fee/hotels, insurance, security, etc) Our goal of $5,000 will cover some of the basic essentials of the setup. All the money raised will go to making an awesome event! (After Tax and fees)

Our stretch goals are just some icing on the cake for you guys. Share this with your friends and let's see some great things happen!

Check out the rewards and goals below to see how you can support.

Remember...The Possibilities Are Infinite!

Goal and Stretch Goals

Stretch Goals

$5,000 Will unlock: Fully Funded and ready to reveal the first special guest of Year 5!
$7,500 First Stretch Goal will unlock another special guest announcement!
$10,000 Will unlock: Lets Double the space, Vendors and add a main panel stage!
$12,500 Will unlock: Kid's Con Supersized! Reach this goal and we double the size of our Kid's Con area!
$15,000 Will unlock: Infinicity Phase 1: Themed Con Experience - Just a little concept we've been dreaming of. We want to bring the venue into the spirit of Infinity Con.


Project FAQ

  • Q: Will Infinity Con 2018 still happen if the $5,000 goal is not met? A: Yes! Plans are set and moving forward nicely! As this is a costly undertaking we thought we would give you a chance to be a part of making IC18 amazing and give you some great rewards for supporting. It also gives you the chance to help us add some additions to the show with our stretch goal options. But either way, the show will go on!
  • Q: When will I be charged for my reward?  A: Immediately. Being that this funding campaign will not affect if the event happens or not or if your rewards will be available, as both will happen if we reach our goal or not, you will pay as soon as you submit your pledge order. 100% of all proceeds raised (minus taxes and CC fees of course) will go to making IC18 the very best event it can be!
  • Q: What will you do with my money? A: Glad you asked!100% of any proceeds raised (minus taxes and CC fees of course) will go to making IC18 the very best event it can be! This includes, but is not limited to, Venue cost, Security, Special guest travel and hotel fees, Marketing, Exclusive con prints, Kid's Con and much more!
  • Q: When will I receive my rewards? A: All physical rewards will be received at infinity Con on April 14-15 2018 (This includes exclusive prints and badges). All tickets will be sent via the provided email. Please add [email protected] and [email protected] to your email contact list to be sure you receive your ticket download soon.
  • Q: What if I have more questions before, during, or after I purchase? A: Please email us at [email protected] or [email protected] (which we will reply from) and we will answer you ASAP!
  • Q: Where can I find information about becoming a vendor or artists at Infinity Con Year 5? A: Please go to and fill out the form to be considered!


Pledged of $5,000 Goal
Ended On
Check out the great ways to support and get cool rewards! (Pricing options shown per reward. No other rewards included unless otherwise stated. All major Credit/Debit cards accepted)
Make pledge without a reward : $5.00

Make a pledge of $5 or more without anything in return but our love and thanks!

The Force Ghost Reward: $10.00
Can't make it to the con? Be there in spirit just like Obi Wan! Pledge $10 or more and we will etch your name into the upcoming "Hall of Heroes" on
One shall pass! (for a day): $10.00
For this reward, make a pledge of $10 or more and get a 1 day pass to Year 5! Works for either day. (April 14 or 15-2018) This is the lowest price you will see the 1 day passes.
One shall pass, twice! (weekend pass): $15.00
For this reward, make a pledge of $15 or more and get a weekend pass to Year 5!  (April 14-15 2018) This is the lowest price you will see the weekend passes.
Kid's Con Level Up!: $25.00
For this reward, pledge $25 or more and help make our Kid's Con area awesome! Plus get 2 kid's tickets (ages 5-11) to use or give as gifts. kid's Con has crafts, superhero storytime, princess tea party, jedi training and more!
Give me a Tee!: $25.00
Who doesn't love a t-shirt? For this reward, pledge $25 or more and get a Year 5 t-shirt! (All items pickup at Infinity Con April 14-15 2018)
Two shall pass, twice! (2 weekend passes): $30.00
For this reward, make a pledge of $30 or more and get 2 weekend passes! One for you and one to share! This price will only be available here!
I have the POWER! VIP Pass: $50.00
For this reward, pledge $50 or more and get a Year 5 VIP Pass! This VIP Pass includes: •Special edition Lanyard •Exclusive Print •Priority seating at panels •Infinity Con Year 5 T-shirt. (All items pickup at Infinity Con April 14-15 2018)
Limit: 1 of 100 Taken
Jokers Wild VIP Con/Party Pass!: $100.00
For this reward, pledge $100 or more and smile all day and night with complete VIP access to Year 5! This includes everything from the "I have the power! VIP Pass", plus: •VIP access to the Year 5 after party• the exclusive and all inclusive, VIP lounge with all of your after party food and drinks included! (Alcoholic and non) You never know who you might run into...(All items pickup at Infinity Con April 14-15 2018)
Limit: 0 of 20 Taken
2 year Infinity VIP Pass!: $400.00
For this reward, pledge of $400 or more and you will have the ultimate 2018-2019 VIP Experience! Enjoy VIP access for all events available for 2018-2019 and Includes everything in "Jokers Wild VIP Con/Party Pass!" reward each year and highest entry ticket option available for all other events (Excludes special access paid panels or events that are not admission tickets to event) •All Limited edition Year 5 prints •Limited edition VIP lanyard. (All items pickup at Infinity Con April 14-15 2018)
Limit: 0 of 25 Taken
Infinite Lives VIP Pass!: $1,000.00
Want to be an Infinity Con VIP for life?!? For this reward, pledge $1,000 or more and get 1 of 10 lifetimes of VIP Access! You will get everything that the "Infinite VIP reward" gives you but for the rest of your days! This comes with a limited edition lifetime VIP lanyard (Your Infinite Golden Ticket you might say) We will also throw in 5 free signed items from each of our guests at Infinity Con 2018 and 2019! (That's per guest!! you bring the items and they will sign-within reason and guest approval...) (All items pickup at Infinity Con April 14-15 2018)
Limit: 0 of 10 Taken
Step 1: Specify your contribution amount for Infinity Con Year 5

Thanks for checking this out! For more information or questions contact us at [email protected]