219th Brain Surgeons

The 219th Brain Surgeons


The 219th Brain Surgeons are a costuming group based on the Umbrella Corporation from the Resident Evil series of games and movies. We operate primarily in Jacksonville and Saint Augustine, Florida.

The 219th was created when a need arose for something more than soldiers and mercenaries. Over a period of years many tests were done, looking for the right candidates. People whose bodies would bond with a perfectly fused dose of T-Virus and antidote. Some died, some had no lasting effect at all. But there were those that melded seamlessly with the concoction. Needing a near constant dosage to stave off the horrible effects of the T-Virus – these men and women became slightly more than human. While not superhuman – their abilities were heightened in almost every way. Keener sight, faster movement, lasting endurance, etc.

The designation 219 is not a military structure indicator – but instead the ‘batch’ label assigned to the group who had passed the test so to speak.

The squad moniker,’Brain Surgeons’, has a simple origin – the men and women of the 219th were damn near surgical when it came to cleaning up zombie hordes. As we all know…go for the head shot…