You want to be a Zombie? Here is your chance! The Z-List Zombie School will be at InfinityCon! Featured walkers from The Walking Dead will be offering you the chance to learn the techniques that all of the actors from the show must go through before being allowed on camera. You’ve seen the Walking Dead “Zombie College” videos on the Behind-the-Scenes features? You will be getting the Same Class!
This session will be held on Sunday, July 19th. It will last approximately 3 hours and is a PHYSICAL class. We will be up and moving around for most of it and will also be learning basic STUNTS, KILLS, and FALLS. Please dress appropriately with this in mind. You will be learning the exact same techniques that the actors on The Walking Dead must learn before going on camera.
Once you take this class, you will be added to our database of trained zombies, and will be submitted for movies and TV shows looking for zombies (and there are a LOT of them!) So far, our grads have been hired for several productions.
And as if all of this wasn’t enough- any actors who we feel would be a good fit on The Walking Dead will have their contact information given directly to the show’s casting director, which may get you a place on the show! (Of course- it is up to them and there are no guarantees)
The best part is that because of the deal we have worked out with Infinity Con we are able to offer the class to you for the low price of ONLY $50 with a valid Infinity Con badge!
Space for this class is EXTREMELY LIMITED!
13 and older only.
Please let us know if you have known any allergies to latex, makeup, or contact lenses.
To sign up, please email your name, phone number, email address, age, height, weight, and 2 photos (Head and full body) to and we will email you back the address, times, and payment information.