Pokemon Tournament and Elite Four Challenge

Pokemon Tournament and Elite Four Challenge

The Pokemon Tournament and the Elite Four Challenge will both take place during Infinity Con on July 18th, 2015. Come out with your best team and be ready to put your Pokémon skills to the test to see if you have what it takes to be the very best.

The Tournament
The Pokémon tournament will be held as a single battle tournament. This means two players will have a team of 6 Pokémon, and will battle each in a one-on-one basic format. The first place winner of the tournament will win a New Nintendo 3DSXL!

The Elite Four Challenge
This is no ordinary Elite Four. You will be taking on four different trainers, each with a team that has a specific typing, just like the in-game Elite Four. However, these trainers will be more competitive than any other Elite Four you’ve ever faced. The first person to beat the Elite Four will be deemed the 2015 Infinity Con Pokémon Champion. Any trainer able to defeat the Elite Four will receive free entry into the Pokémon tournament, entry into the Hall of Fame, as well as the grand prize of a shiny Hoenn starter.

Pre-registration will begin at Infinity Con on the morning of July 18th, 2015.
Pre-registration is required to compete.
Pre-registration is $10 per player.
By pre-registering, you understand and agree to all of the rules within this full list. – Pre-registering fees cannot be refunded, unless canceled before the pre-registration time is closed.

For more information you can contact: The Real Elite Four here
Download the full rules and regulations below:

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