Iron Man – Jax

I have always enjoyed costumes. I have been a cosplay hobbyist since making a Superman costume on my own in 1998. Originally costuming for Halloween and then for local, themed events, I began attending Con’s in costume with The Three Muses at MegaCon in 2012. Since then I have learned a great deal about the art of building, buying, and wearing costumes. My costumes include a wide range of genres: comics, Sci-Fi, fantasy, horror, anime, steampunk, and even cartoons.
I have expanded my skills to include crafting costumes for others and even building props and fabricating costume pieces out of Worbla and EVA Foam.

Recently I decided to focus on one costume for my primary and plan to participate in costume events in my local community, as well as regional Cons, as Iron Man. I am currently a member, as a Jedi, of the Star Wars themed costuming organization the Rebel Legion. I hope to expand my costuming to include other charity organizations/events.