Glenda C. Finkelstein

Glenda C. Finkelstein


Glenda has a wide and varied career as a writer having published song lyrics, human-interest articles, poems, short stories, novels, and screenplays. Her interest in writing was not just a happenstance having a great-grandfather who was a wonderful poet, and aunts and uncles who nurtured her imagination. Inspired by the legendary J.R.R. Tolkien, this art form was a natural course for her to take.

She has written one historical novel, but her heart lies mostly with the Science Fiction and Fantasy genre’s where her imagination can soar unhindered. Her writing has won her several awards, and is branching off into new uncharted territories. Her latest novel, “Nemesis Returns,” was published by Aisling Press and marks her sixth book.

She is a dynamic public speaker and is always willing to address people about writing as well as sharing her personal inspirational story in dealing with disabilities.

In addition to her writing, she has ventured into the arena of acting. She voices six of her female characters in the audio adaptation of her novel, “Nemesis Rising,” a powerful rendition that even has the added benefits of sound effects and mood music. The audio version of “The Edge of The Universe” is currently available for podcast on her website at She also took on the starring role of, Angel Gibbs, in the 33-minute short subject film, “Perfect Copy,” for which she wrote the screenplay. It was nominated for Best Dramatic Short at the Melbourne Independent Filmakers Festival in November 2007. This little stint garnered the attention of a Producer’s Rep in California who is securing a 12 million dollar budget for a full theatrical release version of her original story for which she wrote the feature script.

Glenda did a short stint on Sci-Fi Times TV playing the part of the ditsy alien Nikto from the Planet Borax. This internet TV show was a comical spoof which can best be described as Monty Python meets Entertainment Tonight with a little Saturday Night Live thrown in for good measure. You can still view past shows on-demand at Besides portraying this alter ego she was co-writer for the show.

Co-hosting the Andromeda Library with her husband, Tony, is an opportunity that fits right in with her vision of helping writers and encouraging readers of all ages. Her greatest hope is to ignite a love affair with reading in the hearts of people everywhere as reading is the key that opens the universe to everyone. Glenda’s latest release is Phoenix Rising with book 2 of The Redemption Chronicles due out this summer.

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